Watch_Dogs: Legion kind of sucks. I’m sorry to be so blatant before I even get to any of the nitty gritty but we sort of already knew all of this from the leaks last week.

Watch_Dogs: Legion takes players to a pessimistic post-BREXIT world, where uh, “extremist forces” have overtaken the government and made life horrible with drones and etc. Players will be able to play as any NPC, and make a team out of them with the help of an AI. You’ll be able to swap between any of these characters, who may “die randomly.” They’re promised to be fully voiced and animated, with unique skills and cinematics.

While there seems to be a bit of camp involved, specifically in the bits where you play as an elderly NPC, the return to the overly serious and almost Division-like atmosphere isn’t really what I would’ve wanted to see from a sequel after Watch_Dogs 2. Especially with Ubisoft’s proclivity for insisting that their games are apolitical, I’m not really into yet another real life event that is ruining countless people’s lives being mined for capital and epic gamer moments. I also question the realistic application of the game-defining NPC feature, since Ubisoft isn’t exactly known for following up on their promises, especially when it comes to Watch_Dogs.

Watch_Dogs: Legion comes out on March 6th, 2020.

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