Content Warning for abuse, sexual assault, physical assault, domestic abuse and more from 4:30 to 42:00

It’s another big news week this week and Scott and Maverick are here with the proper Host/not host dynamic to go through all of it. Our biggest story of the week is the incredibly disturbing story of abuse coming from the developers of Fight Knight. You can find Wren’s post Why I Left The Fight Knight Project here and the record of abuse at Dangen Entertain and from CEO Ben Judd here.

With the heavy stuff out of the way, we go into Discord’s tease of NFT’s, X-Box’s twitter getting deleted, Among Us and Baba is You are getting updated, and the complete messes that are the Popeye game and the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy remasters. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 along with Jump Force are being removed from digital storefronts while 1 vs 100 is coming back. The Hat in Time developers are teasing something and I Maed a Game with Zombies In It just popped up for free on steam.

The dynamic duo have also been playing a few games, with Maverick digging deep into Trails of Cold Steel 3 and Scott really just wanting to spend all his time in Inscryption when he’s not playing Cruelty Squad.

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