FarCry4 opened the conference. They showed the opening of the game and introduced the villain and the main character.

Just Dance was shown and it was revealed that you could use your phone as a controller. People

A CG trailer for The Division was shown that highlighted the descent of the New York.

A trailer for The Crew was showed, it featured  drivers driving across the USA. It was announced the game would come out on November 11th 2014 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

A CG trailer was shown for Assassin Creed’s: Unity was shown. It was announced for the 28th 2014. Afterwards there was a gameplay demo that showed off an assassination.

Shape Up was showed and was demoed live on stage. The game is a mini game based fitness game.

An animated trailer for Valient Hearts: The Great War was shown. It takes place in World War 1 and features a dog.

A gameplay trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, a multiplayer based game where a team of cops has to save a hostage. The environments were very destructible, however the footage was labeled as pre-alpha.

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