We have been blessed with the world premiere for Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. A momentous game that features all your favourite characters from the Tom Clancy line of games, such as the one lady from The Division, and the man from Rainbow Six. Also Sam Fisher is there, I suppose. In all his irrelevancy and lack of games for the last 10 years. It’s the meeting of the minds and the battle of brawn here at the most ambitious crossover event in history.


In all seriousness, Elite Squad is a mobile RPG that I suppose will scratch the itch for on-the-go gaming for anyone who enjoys the Tom Clancy vaguely authoritarian aesthetic. Though I doubt even fans of these games were ever chomping at the bit for all these nobodies to meet. It’s developed by Owlient and available for pre-registering now, so you can get access to a special character. No release date yet is known.

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