A new week, a new episode of the Gamesline Podcast. This week, John and Spencer sit down to talk about everything around the games industry. John’s been digging into Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth while Skull has gotten up to a lot in Infinifactory, Library of Ruina, Lethal Company, and of course Arknights.

In the news, Fate/Stay Night Remaster is coming to the West, a Persona 3 Reload data mine gave us The Answer, and The State of Play gave us a look at Death Stranding 2 On the Beach. We got more news about some Yu-Gi-Oh stuff and found out Microsoft games are going multiplatform all while Love Live School Idol Festival 2 was announced and cancelled all in the same tweet.

If you want to skip potential Like a Dragon Spoilers there are minor spoilers from 1:14:15 to 1:17:10

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