Hush hush. Shushushu. No more running along today, it’s time to hit the hay and curl up with another episode of the pod. It’s a full bed of sleepy co-hosts as slumberin’ John’s been 100%ing Pikmin 4, snorin’ Scott’s all tuckered out from climbing into the mech in Armored Core 6, tossin’ and turnin’ Franny has some weird dreams in Baldur’s Gate 3, and siesta Solon has been sleepmaxxing in Pokémon Sleep.

The sleepyheads get all tuckered out talkin’ Decarnation, Oblivion (as a pre-cursor to Starfield), all the hot news out of Gamescom, new Pokémon dropped, Denuvo on the Nintendo Switch, the Playstation Portal, Charles Martinet taking up the mantle of Mario Ambassador, Bioware’s bizarre firings, and The Gamer’s Pledge.

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Edited by Maverick

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