We’re joined on the pod this week by special guest Ty Galiz-Rowe of Uppercut Crit who’s ready to talk the newest and also final installment of the FIFA games franchise, FIFA 23, as well as a tiny treat of the Ghost Trick… remake??? Remaster??? John’s in the host seat with our first of many installments of Rain Code Talk, and Scott and Mav have been deep in the Final Fantasy XVI mines.

Plus, we take a journey through the 7/11 menu, Tsukihime gets a remake, Rashid makes it into Street Fighter 6, Blue Archive becomes the downfall of the Korean rating board GRAC, Keita Takahashi’s got a new game called to a T, Clive comes to the cookout, and we try to find the games with the biggest summer vibes and also the ones that are the least apocalyptic.

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