It’s the first EVER episode of The Gamesline Podcast! That’s right! The first one we’ve ever done! We’re still pretty new at this so I hope it’s good! Please be nice in the comments. This week on the pod: Lorelai’s taking the Honkai Star Rail over to the Dead Island 2, Scott’s having a few Shadows of Doubt, Solon can’t seem to get out of this dreary weather on the Rain World, and The Gamesline’s Future is Redeemed as John has been playing the new Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC (and also everyone talks about Xenoblade in general there’s so much Xenoblade talk on this one y’all).

Plus: the United Kingdom does something right for once and blocks the Microsoft/Activision-Blizzard merger for the funniest reason, Sonic unionizes his workplace (Sega), Wizards of the Coast does some no good very bad Pinkerton shit, we look at the Twisted Metal teaser and the Armored Core 6 trailer we’re so fucking back, and we cover Vice’s closure of Waypoint.

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Edited by Scott B

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