Having previously teased the release of the two games at the 2018 Tokyo Game Show, Romancing Saga 3 and Saga Scarlet Grace Ambition are now slated to head out for a western release. As distinct with all titles in the SaGa series, the RPGs enable players to experience and replay the game multiple times through the different perspectives of its multiple protagonists. The re-releases of these two games promise new features and settings to better optimize the playing experience for those who desire to play the games at their full replayability potential.

The SaGa series was formerly developed by Square and is now owned by Square Enix. The game’s design was led by Akitoshi Kawazu, whose work was an essential contribution in the first Final Fantasy. Kawazu, nonetheless, still works across both series. These are two titles from a series the company has formerly taken risks with but has faltered with as of recent.

SaGa has had an interesting history when it was first ported into the west. At the time, Final Fantasy was blossoming and finding success worldwide. When the first SaGa game, Makai Toushi Sa·Ga, was translated for worldwide release, the game was renamed to The Final Fantasy Legend and linked to the eponymous series to improve marketing. Although the two franchises share a lot of similarities, SaGa has more of an open-world gameplay experience and is bound to a less linear narrative with its multifaceted narrative.

The series had difficulty finding any traction outside of Japan. The last SaGa game to have been released in North America was back in 2005 with Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. Minstrel Song is an enhanced remake of one of three of the SaGa titles to be released back on the Super Famicom before the end of its lifespan. Ultimately, Square tried to promote SaGa as something to be compared to Final Fantasy, but it wasn’t the version of Final Fantasy players wanted at that time.

Both games are set to release across multiple platforms including mobile devices in Japan late 2019, while dates for western localization are still pending.

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