Square Enix closed out their Tuesday E3 conference with chief executive Yosuke Matsuda presenting a new IP currently known as Project Setsuna. Not many details were given about the game, but it’s definitely an original IP and not a spin-off, reboot, or remake.

The brief video showed little more than gorgeous concept art, but also revealed the game is being developed by the newly-established Tokyo RPG Factory, a company which appropriately represents a “dedication to making Japanese RPGs.” Speculation about the project abounds, with some thinking it may be a return to the “good old days” of RPGs.

“Setsuna” is a Japanese word can be translated as meaning “a moment” or “an instant.” No word on what this could mean for the project, but Matsuda mentioned it as the beginning of a “series” and not just a single game. Check out the presentation below:

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