Merely hours after their weekend flash sale including the games, Sony has allowed Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon games to be openly downloaded on Playstation Vita. Spyro 1-3, Crash 1-3, and Crash Team Racing are now all available for direct download, and will be on your Vita’s download page if you bought them this weekend. It seems a bit odd that they became available after the sale ended, but for all of us who said “eh whatever” and dropped the 99 cents for a classic game, it’s nice to have it portable.

It is unknown at the time how Sony procured the rights to distribute the games on Vita. I have emailed Sony about this, and will update the page when more is known.

UPDATE: According to NeoGAF, a bunch of other PSP games and demos that were previously removed from the store are now able to be downloaded again, such as the Dragonball Z Budokai game for PSP. It is unconfirmed exactly how many games are being made available again, but it’s starting to look like…all of them.

UPDATE 2: The availability of deleted and unavailable games seems to have been a fluke. Any games that you downloaded onto your Vita still work, but if you didn’t download them yet, they’re gone again. Damn shame.

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