Every year, EVO ignites both excitement and stress with the onslaught of competition and highly anticipated fighting game announcements.  EVO 2019 continues the tradition of being no different.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Cassandra was announced as the final character to close off the first season of Soul Calibur VI.

Players in the Soul Calibur community have been eagerly thirsting for major updates and announcements for the game, what with the last major update being the inclusion of Amy as DLC back in late March of this year. After such a long dry spell, that thirst has finally been quenched.

The Warring Maiden and her bosoms come in full swing to the game, going hand-in-hand with the official confirmation that VI will be looking forward to a Season 2. In addition to Cassandra, Haohmaru from the Samurai Shodown series by SNK was announced earlier in this year’s events to be the first guest character in the upcoming season.

Cassandra has been a long fan-favorite to the series, and people have already meditated on her addition tracing back to a character leak broken out in January and so far, two of those characters have been right on the nose.

Season 2 comes with the promise of new features, such as potentially changed system mechanics and more character customization options. Soul Calibur’s competitive scene had taken a mixed stance on VI‘s Reversal Edge system and it’s one of the concerns hoping to be addressed.

Here’s hoping the franchise keeps up this momentum now that its hype has been revived, as times were starting to look utterly separate.

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