The long awaited return of Secret Bases in the Ruby and Sapphire remakes was confirmed by Nintendo today. According to the announcement posted on the official Pokemon website, Secret Bases are being revamped like never before.

After you unlock the use of Secret Bases by meeting a character named Aarune, you will be allowed to customize your Base as you see fit. Decorations, trainers, and your own challenges can be implemented into the Base, so much so that you can create your own Pokemon Gym if you want. You can also capture flags from your friend’s bases to power yourself and your friends up.

Secret Bases can be shared using QR codes, and if you trade codes with someone, you become Secret Pals. Once they join your base, you’ll be able to share powers, such as faster egg hatching or more EXP gains.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby seem to be fixing many of the issues from the original release. The games are set to release this November in the US.

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