The EVO reveals have yet to cease! SNK has a few tricks up their sleeves, and the first was a confirmation that King of Fighters XV is a real thing.

No more details have been revealed beyond the fact that it exists, so SNK instead went into the details on Samurai Shodown‘s future. Starting in August, a new character will be coming once a month for the rest of the year. Rimururu kicks it off, followed by Basara in October, Kazuki Kazama in November, and Wan-Fu to round it out in December. September will bring Shizumaru as a free character.

Finally, the second season of DLC was confirmed, with the first of four characters, Mina Majikina, arriving thanks to winning a popularity contest.

With new KoF, SamSho support, and some SamSho guesting in Soul Calibur, SNK is in a great place. Who knows what else they have in store! (PLEASE GIVE US GAROU 2 SNK)

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