It’s been six years since the last God of War game, but today information about the fourth title in the third-person character action game has leaked. The leaks, although minimal, come from a concept artist employed by Sony Santa Monica, and thus contain a decent helping of concept art screenshots. Of course, these have already become subject to some intense speculation.

Recently, notorious Twitter leaker shinobi602 made a post referencing “the halls of Valhalla” in regards to God of War 4, indicating the series might take a direction which includes Nordic mythology. The leaks today seem to confirm that notion, with one location apparently being Alfheim, home of the Light Elves in Norse mythology. It’s unknown if Kratos is still the protagonist of this game, but whoever it is has an axe and a beard, which is apparently really important to some people.

Aside from the fact the artist was at one point employed by Sony, there isn’t much to indicate this concept art is definitively linked to the upcoming title. So, take it how you will. However, if proven real, it could mean we’ll be seeing God of War 4 at E3 this year, or at the very least, that the franchise will be taking a bit of a different direction. After all, haven’t we gotten enough Greek mythology in Western pop culture as it is?

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