Several days ago I spotted a Neogaf thread claiming to have the map for Red Dead Redemption 2. I glanced at the map, shrugged my shoulders, and moved on. Turns out the story didn’t end there. The original poster soon removed the image and sparked a debate if the map was real or not.

According to Techradar, they have confirmed with a source within Rockstar that this is indeed real and recent. The source revealed that the map was from their art department and that this sequel will take place before the events of the first Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead map leak

If you look at the map some familiar details might reveal themselves. For one, the ‘Great Plains’ at the bottom left of the map were on RDR’s map, but in the top right. Meaning this game takes places east, and north, of the original. There is also a distinct lack of train tracks and developed cities implying a less settled western United States. Some eagle-eyed fans also noticed the name ‘New Bordeaux’ in the bottom right, a city from Mafia 3, that is akin to New Orleans.

I guess what surprises me most of all is the existence of Red Dead Redemption 2. Somehow Rockstar had kept this game a secret until now and now I’m wondering just when we’ll see it revealed. The original developer was Rockstar San Diego and they haven’t made a game since GTA V, so it would make sense if this was what they’ve been working on since. Last September marked two years since GTA V’s release so maybe San Diego is beginning to close in on a final release for RDR 2.

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