Gonna be real, when I saw the teaser for a new Phantom Dust at E3 last year, I had no idea what it was. I still don’t. But it’s a damn shame any time a studio goes kaput. Kotaku reported that the game’s developer, Darkside Games has been closed, and their version of Phantom Dust has been canceled. Microsoft then went on to say that the rights for the game will be shifted to another dev, meaning we may still see Phantom Dust in one way or another.

The shuttering was especially heartbreaking due to the suddeness of it. An anonymous member of the dev team told Kotaku:

“The executives who saw it were impressed and as late as this morning gave our team every indication that the project was on solid ground. Yet we got the phone call today that someone up on high who in all likelihood wasn’t even aware of the game in detail shut it down.”

Good luck to all 50 of the former Darkside staff members. Hopefully someone snatches you up quick.

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