For Video Game Choo Choo’s first ever Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d do something a little different. Between our regular hosts and friends of the site, we’ve got a real group of love experts on our hands. So, clearly, the only real option is to get everyone in a Skype call and dish out some relationship advice.

This is (kinda) not a joke! We’ll make fun of ourselves like usual, but we’ll treat your questions seriously and give the best advice we can. Also, no real names will be used (unless that’s what you want!) So, here’s how you can send in your questions.

First, can send us an ask through our Tumblr. We have anonymous questions enabled, so you don’t have to make an account to send a question. There’s also our podcast question email address, which is You can send us a message on Facebook. And finally, we have our Twitter account, @VGChooChoo. Or you can just drop a comment below, if you’ve got a Disqus. So many options!

The episode records Saturday, February 8th, and will go up on Valentine’s Day. Get your questions in now!

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