After years of anticipation No Man’s Sky finally has a real release date, June 21st. That’s for both PC and PS4 and it will cost you $60. This all comes after an event in LA where a bunch of games press got to see the game. The buzz from this event answers some of the questions a lot of people still have about No Man’s Sky.

The game is designed around exploration and upgrades. By now you’ve certainly seen or heard about the vast universe the game creates, discovering new planets and animals. The upgrades focus on searching for, mining, and using elements that can be applied towards your ship or weapon. In between the hunt for new sources of resources you’ll still be exploring hostile environments. The game has an open-ended design so if you want to focus on becoming an interstellar pirate, go ahead. If you want to be a lonely explorer, have at it. And if you want to strip mine every planet you come across, let loose.

Check out Giant Bomb’s article about spending thirty minutes with No Man’s Sky. You can preorder the game right now but you know how we feel about preorders around here, just don’t. June already looks to be busy with Persona 5 and E3 but No Man’s Sky could be a nice, quiet, space sim to escape to.

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