If you play Smash Bros in any kind of seriousness, you love the Gamecube controller. Between Melee and Brawl, it’s agreed upon that the GCN controller is the best way to Smash. However, with the release of the Wii U, Gamecube controllers are no longer an option. Or at least you’d think that.

PDP, one of the leaders in third-party console equipment, has teamed with Nintendo to produce a new Wii Classic Controller that will work with Wii U. This controller is based on the Gamecube controller, and will launch around the launch of Smash 4. The suggested retail price is $24.99. That price point is especially favorable against the Wii U Pro controller, which is $50. No pictures are available at this time, but if it’s based on the Gamecube controller, I’m sure anyone who cares knows what it looks like.

Source: Smashboards

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