To be fair, most of this was covered yesterday, but here’s the new tidbits we got from the latest American Nintendo Direct today.

First, a couple of quick names/dates. That Chibi-Robo platformer is called Chibi-Robo Zip Lash, and will be releasing in October. The Chibi-Robo amiibo will come exclusively in a bundle with Zip Lash. The 3DS Dr. Mario is called Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure. You can pre-purchase it now, and it will unlock on June 11th. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is coming this Winter.

Some Splatoon updates were dropped as well, with a new weapon, an NES Zapper, and a new map called Port Mackerel, and are being released tonight at 7PM PST. Ranked battles will also be unlocked at the same time.

If you’re an artist and like posting your art on Miiverse, Art Academy: Home Studio seems like a safe bet. You can create time-lapse videos for your creations, now. It’ll release on June 25th with a variety of new lessons and Miiverse functions.

A new game called Little Battlers eXperience by Level 5 is making its US premiere August 21st. It’s a custom robot fighter with over 4,000 parts to choose from. Custom Robo fans will be pleased to play this one!

Puzzle and Dragons Z + Super Mario is getting an update where new monsters for Z will be unlocked in new dungeons.

The final bit of news was a confirmation of Bravely Second coming to the US in 2016 with the title Bravely Second: End Layer. Not much has been confirmed on the Western front, but I’m sure Google searching can bring up pretty much everything revealed for the Japanese release.

That’s pretty much all the news, but if you want to hear Bill Trinen tell it to you while being very small, check the video out here.

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