A lot of the time PC gaming seems like a distant island far, far away from the rest of video games. There games have evolved differently than the mainland games. They look different, run different, even have their own unique species we rarely see here on the console continent. Even after the new consoles launched, PC gaming is thriving and competing with the Xbox One and PS4. They may not have the sales and numbers in their favor but save for a few sore spots and console exclusives, PC gaming is undoubtedly the way to go. But speaking of sore spots…

Mortal Kombat X has never had a great PC port. NetherRealm, the series’ long time developer, didn’t touch the PC port and Warner Bros, its publisher, shopped it out to someone else. Ever since the PC port has been treated more like an unwanted younger brother than a true sibling and Mortal Kombat family member. Now that younger brother is being cut out of all the family photos.

With the upcoming content pack, Kombat Pack 2, NetherRealm is adding in four new characters like Bo’ Rai Cho and the alien from Alien. This follows up news that Mortal Kombat X would be throwing out the old network code, known to be ass, and replacing it with the highly lauded GGPO. This means MKX’s online community would now have the arguably best online experience you can have in a fighting game. Unless you’re on PC. Both the Kombat Pack and this new net code will only be updated to the console versions, not the PC.

It’s a shame to see this done with a game many people enjoyed. Even worse is to see consumers who spend their money and get a worse experience than those who simply chose to play it somewhere else. PC gaming might seem like a far, far away island but in reality the world of video game isn’t that big. Disregarding a version of a game like this, without word or reason announced, is in poor form. And especially coming from NetherRealm. Perhaps this isn’t an Ed Boon call, perhaps Warner Bros. is still pulling all the wrong strings. Either way consumers deserve better.

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