Niall, I’m sorry to break it to you. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst has been delayed to May 24th. 2016. DICE, the game’s developer, is giving a typical reason for the delay, they’re making the game better. A few extras month will help make Catalyst better but the real reason may have to do more with the old release date.

Check out next February’s release schedule and you can see how crowded and dense it has become. Mirror’s Edge may simply be the first to realize May was still a viable, and possibly more profitable, option. The old release date of Feb. 23rd already had Deus Ex scheduled and recently gained another competitor in Far Cry: Primal. That would have been three open world games all releasing on the same day. Giving consumers an extra month to chew through those games and wait for Catalyst is probably the best move to make.

I also imagine EA is apprehensive about Mirror’s Edge. People clamor for a sequel but the original failed to meet internal sales numbers at the time (EA was hoping for three million units and Mirror’s Edge sold about one million). Maybe May will give Catalyst enough room to make a bigger splash and live up to its potential.

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