At Anime Expo, Keiji Inafune announced some new Mighty No. 9 events to lead into the release of the game next year. One of the things, an animated series, seems a bit useless at this point, although it’s not harming anything. A new crowdfunding campaign, however, is a bit disconcerting, and I’m curious to see if anyone will bite again.

The animated series, set to debut in early 2016, stars Beck, AKA the titular Mighty No. 9, as he battles his past teammates and saves the world from Dr. Wil-I mean some villainous threat. Digital Frontier will be animating the program. Their past work includes Wolf Children, the Tekken Animated Film, and Resident Evil: Degeneration. A trailer for the show was shown at AX, and it looks okay, I guess.

Chasing the heels of this announcement was yet another, that Comcept will be starting a brand new crowdfunding campaign to fund additions to the game. The game’s development is “running smoothly”, but in order to add more to the game, Keiji Inafune and his team are asking for more money. Right now, they’re requesting 100,000 US dollars for English voice acting. As stretch goals are met, new goals will be unlocked. Personally, I think it’s a bit off to ask for more money for a game that hasn’t been seen that openly after it already made a large sum of money on Kickstarter, but I’m ready to be proven wrong, plus it seems like anything that Comcept would currently ask for is inconsequential to the game’s completion. No big deal, I suppose. You can donate by pre-ordering the game or buying special editions with extra content on the Mighty No. 9 Humble Store.

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