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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter gameplay was shown. It is a near future game with what seems to be sci-fi weapons including flying grenades. At the end of the trailer your character lost his arm.
A short trailer for Forza Horizon 2 was shown.
A gameplay trailer for Evolve was shown which showed off the different classes the characters could play as.
Assassin Creed: Unity is confirmed to be exclusively on next generation consoles only. It involves you in the French revolution with three other assassins that can be controlled by other players online.
Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming out October 7th. The trailer seemed to be entirely CG.
Sunset Overdrive had a full CG trailer which poked fun at E3 trailers and modern military shooters. It then had a gameplay demo which showed off the game’s style in a selected area.
Dead Rising 3 has DLC available now. It’s called Dead Rising 3 Super Ultra ’ Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha. It involves the Dead Rising characters dressed up as Street Fighter characters. It has a very comedic feel to it that included a giant zombie M. Bison.
Dance Central Spotlight was announced and was said to come out this September. It’s download only and was said to have weekly DLC.
Fable Legends was shown with four player co-op. It involves a “Villain Mode” in which you can place traps and monsters to try to stop the heroes.
Project Spark was shown in a CG/gameplay trailer and announced as this holiday season. Conker is also in it for some reason. He made a joke about not being in any games for ten years.

Ori: The Blind Forest was announced. It’s a 2D side scrolling game where you play a cat like creature.
A CG trailer for Halo 5 was shown, it was mostly a remake of the “giving the Covenant back their bomb” scene from Halo 2. The Master Chief Collection was talked about and gathers all of the Master Chief centric games. It includes the Halo 2 multiplayer. A man was “crouched” on.
A new Playdead studios game was shown of called Inside. It seems very much in the same trend as Limbo.
A montage of indie games was shown. It included shots of Threes, Cuphead and Drifter.
A CG trailer for the new Tomb Raider game was shown. It’s called Rise of the Tomb Raider.Gameplay for Witcher 3 was shown.
A remake of Phantom Dust was announced with a CG trailer.
A gameplay trailer for The Devision was shown, it was very similar to the trailer shown last E3. It was said to be coming out 2015.
A new Platinum game called Scalebound was announced as an Xbox One exclusive. It has you in a fantasy world where you fight giant monsters.
A new Crackdown just called “Crackdown” was announced for the Xbox One. It was a CG trailer that showed off what the multiplayer could be like that.

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