Nobody ever thought this would happen, but Mega Man Legends, one of the best games on PS1, is finally coming to North American PSN on Tuesday, Sept. 29th. On the official Capcom blog, it was confirmed that after nearly five years of attempting to, the game would finally see a PSN release. The game will be $9.99, and is playable on PS3 and Vita, but not PSP due to some unlisted issues.

According to rumor, the main reason Legends wasn’t able to be re-released was issues with voice acting, particularly with the Bonnes, whose contracts lapsed. There were also advertisements in-game for energy drinks and a Japanese animation school, as detailed in this article on the Rockman Corner. It seems like these issues were cleared, and Legends is now going to be available for all soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if Legends 2 didn’t come on the heels of this, as it has no barrier to release.

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