The French have invaded and they brought games. Suddenly Ubisoft went from major midtier publisher to a real power player. Lately however Ubisoft seems to have wandered off the path. Yet another Assassin’s Creed is coming and two new Tom Clancy games are about to hit the market. What other tower climbing games does Ubisoft have coming our way? Will they pull out of this stale development spiral? E3 is the chance to refresh the slate and right here is the place to watch it happen.

*Everything is going to be in reverse order. The posts will get older as you scroll down the page.*

-That’s it, Ubisoft is over. Only one more left, Sony. See you later tonight.

-Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

-Open world gameplay, both during the day and at night. Lots of desert like environments.

-Using drones to help attack. 3rd person to aiming down the sites. Lots of cocaine.

-Attacking compounds, going in stealth, running trucks off the road.

-Now we’re in the mountains after parachuting in. Dudes with guns, 3rd person shooter. Multiplayer/coop?

-Trailer playing. Lots of blood, guns, money.

-One more thing…

-No gameplay, it will be playable in certain cities and at E3.

-Don’t see much from the Assassins or the Templars in this trailer, just gang recruiting stuff.

-AC looks terrific but Unity came out so busted I can’t believe what they’re showing me.

-New trailer, CGI. It’s hard to get excited at all over these games anymore. Black Flag was fine but nothing truly special.

-Assassin’c Creed up now.

-200 track. Creates random levels on the fly. Replays. Ghosts.

Trackmania Turbo. And now they’re actually playing it.

Trackmania is coming to current gen. Including custom maps.

Siege beta starts on Sep. 24th. Weird since it’s released this year.

-This looks anxiety inducing, not like fun. But maybe that’s me.

-I don’t like this tendency towards coop/multiplayer experiences. I know that extends a game’s life span but I’d much rather player a single player story than a series of complicated shooting puzzles.

-Lots of chatting like you don’t really chat during coop gameplay. Looks cool, I’d rather play coop than multiplayer to be honest.

-Terror Hunt mode. 1-5 players. Showing live gameplay.

-More about the actual gameplay of Siege. We’ve seen a lot of this from the alpha already. They’re showing off single player and coop I believe.

-Talking with the actress who plays “Six”, leader of the Rainbow Six team.

-That was a lot of story for close quarters combat that they’ve only shown in homes.

-Recruiting “operators”. Maybe this is Rainbow Six? Yep, Rainbow Six.

-New trailer. Seems like The Division talking about terrorism and such. Something new?

-Just Dance subscription service. Sure I guess.

-Still all about Just Dance. I’ll take a nap.

-Live song performance time.

Just Dance time. Bathroom break.

-Here’s gameplay. The Anno series is pretty popular. I know they’ve done near future stuff but this all looks way futuristic.

Anno 2505, Nov. 3rd 2015 I’m hearing.

-Huge city on some sort of moon. Showing lots of moving vehicles coming and going.

-Another game now. Space city builder?

-March 8th, 2016. All platforms.

-Attacking other teams of people for their loot. I wonder if this will be any good if you’re by yourself. You can even turn on your own group stealing teammates loot.

-Drops and loot. Destiny but in the Tom Clancy universe?

-You can either attack other players, steal their loot, or help them out.

-Introducing “the dark zone”. Sounds like a pvp area. I kinda like the idea of an open world map where sections have different rules.

-Online, open world, action rpg that’s coop. What in the actual hell. Isn’t that an MMO?

-And now The Division. I’m still not 100% sure what this game is. Game director on stage.

Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max expansion pack. You’re a cat riding a unicorn.

-Trailer. Showing a horse. Nope, a unicorn that breathes fire? Trials Fusion expansion pack what the hell.

-Expansion pack for The Crew. No thanks. This looks kinda crazy, monster trucks and motorcycles.

The Crew. They’re talking about The Crew. On purpose.

-Playable at E3 “on console”.

-This isn’t really a new genre and kind of boring to watch. The idea sounds pretty cool though and I’d love to see more of this.

-You can run in and hack and slash but with enemy players you really have to duel. Sword positioning seems very important. This may be the guy who helped make Red Steel.

-4 on 4, 8 total players. On consoles. 3rd person perspective, lots of AI controlled companions. Just rushing into battle looks similar to Mount and Blade.

-Gameplay is called “the art of battle”, he says it’s new. Hinting at multiplayer. Gameplay demo.

-He’s really into this. “The sword is coming at your head!”. He’s the creative director.

For Honor. Very excited dev on stage for this.

-Keeps switching between vikings and knights.

-Zoomed out for a second to a isometric viewpoint. But back to CGI battles. Zooming out again showing castles and environments.

-Knights, breaking down a gate with vikings on the other side. All CGI.

-New IP, new genre.

-Ubisoft CEO out on stage. Nope not spelling his name either.

-Aisha Tyler just seems incredibly authentic. Not over rehearsed, actually is excited about video games, and can handle talking with developers and producers with ease.

-Continues the story from the original. Goes into the New Kid’s backstory.

-Aisha Tyler on stage with Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

Stick of Truth sequel. All new story, super heroes instead of medieval stuff.

Stick of Truth opening. It’s starting!

-EA ran long so I bet Ubisoft will also run late waiting for people to travel over from one to the other.

-Really happy with E3 so far. EA was a bit poor but Microsoft and Bethesda brought the thunder. 2015 is suddenly a real contender for best year in video games.

-Quick turn around from EA to Ubisoft and I can hear a thunderstorm on the horizon for me. Let’s do this!

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