A few weeks ago I reported that the new Jojo fighting game would be out sometime in March, so said Crunchyroll. This is no longer the case. All Star Battle is still coming to North America, but a whole month later than previously thought. The new release date is April 29th, according to Gematsu. This date is four days after the recently revealed European release date.

The game will be releasing digitally on PSN, but you can also purchase the game through Amazon and the Club Namco store physically. Pre-ordering either from these places gets you an exclusive DLC character. From Amazon it’s Shigechi, the short and stout friend of Josuke, and from Club Namco you receive Yoshikage Kira, a man who wishes desperately for a quiet life with his stand Killer…I mean Deadly Queen. If you buy it digitally you get jack squat, so perhaps it’s worth the effort to buy the game in physical form, to at least get a free character out of it. I do know there will be more DLC characters than that, so it will be interesting to see how Namco releases the rest to the US market.

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