Another day, another quick thoughts post. Here’s what I thought about the two big publisher’s showings.


who cares hardline looks like ass, also gimmie Battlefront fasteeeerrrr.


  • My seat was friggin awful, I was right behind the swoopy camera and I couldn’t see the main stage. Sorry, Aisha.
  • Far Cry 4 looks better than I thought. I just hope the villain isn’t handled shittily. There was a brief moment I thought the main character was a white dude after all that talk and I was super pissed at Ubi but I got a better look during the Sony conference and was happy.
  • The Just Dance stuff Ubi showed off is filed under “shit I will never use but I respect from afar”. Just Dance Now is SUPER neat.
  • I’m really not hating The Division. The more I see the more I wanna play it with some friends. There’s something promising about that game, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
  • I feel similarly about The Crew that I do with Division. I wanna cruise around with my chums in our dumbass car gang. I think the best idea would be to get the slowest, dumbest looking car and just crash into people. That’s what I’d get The Crew for.
  • Shape Up looks like way more fun than it should be. Maybe this is the lack of a new Warioware talking but I want some new minigames and Shape Up looks like the best place to look right now.
  • Assassin’s Creed is the only game Ubisoft showed that I wanna say ENOUGH to. Done with stubble white man, done with same gameplay, very bored, let me sleep.
  • Valiant Hearts is, as I quote from one Will Westwater, “the kinda sad indie game people are into these days”. I’ll give it a look but man, I’m kinda d0ne being bummed out these days.
  • Rainbow Six is the third and final entry in my “let’s all play this together” list. Ubisoft wants me to play their games with friends, so SURE, I’LL BITE.

Anywho, I’ve still got a lot to talk about. Check back soon for my thoughts on Sony, Nintendo, and what you’ve all been waiting for, what I think about Super Smash Bros for Wii U.

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