Remember when Fable Legends was cancelled and Lionhead Studios was in the process of being shuttered? Well, it’s alive.

Those who are left at the remains of Lionhead are being contacted by Microsoft and asked how interested they would be in finishing Fable Legends as a separate, independent, studio. This is according to MCV, who have heard it from several developers who are still around at Lionhead helping to shut off the lights and steal office supplies. Lionhead would still close its doors, but those who choose to stick with Fable Legends would hopefully get to finish their work. Anyone who choose to move on would still get compensated at the end of April.

Microsoft would be smart to save Fable Legends. It was pretty far along in the development cycle and when I played a bit of the alpha the game was encouraging users to spend money on the in-game shops. Why waste all that development time and wash a game away when you can revive the devs who worked on it and get something out of this poor situation?

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