Battlefront was shown in an early stage. The team talked about them using movie props and movie locations to help make the game more authentic.

Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay was shown along with a trailer that highlighted the characters of the game. A man said “All the feels.”

A new Mass Effect was talked about. The game seems in a very early stage with all footage being labeled as “Conceptual Prototype.”  A new IP was teased but nothing concrete was discussed.

Sims 4 was shown and the emotions of different Sims was highlighted.

Bruce Lee was highlighted in the new UFC game. A short gameplay video was shown including the submission countering mechanic.

NHL 15 gameplay was shown.

An early look at a new game by Criterion Games that involved multiple types of vehicles including helicopters and wingsuits. It all takes place in the first person and you have the ability to switch vehicles mid-game, a person jumping from a copter to ATV was shown. The game is very early and has no name yet.

PGA Tour was shown, it has a more fantasy themed tone, including a course with a crashing battleship in it.

Madden 15 was shown. The focus seemed on defensive player.

Dawngate was shown with a focus on the meta game and the pro scene.

Mirror’s Edge 2 gameplay was shown in an early stage.

FIFA 15 gameplay was shown along with a trailer narrated by Idris Elba.

Battlefield Hardline was shown with an emphasis on multiplayer. Destructive environments were shown. A beta was announced today. The remaining hour of the press conference was used for people to play Battlefield .

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