If you wanted to know specific details about Dragon Quest 11, namely the title and logo, there’s good news: they’ve leaked a day early. Ahead of tomorrow’s scheduled preview stream, Square Enix posted the game’s logo to the series’ official website – it’s since been removed. According to translations, the full title is Dragon Quest 11: In Search of a Departed Time. Here’s the logo below:


In addition, a second logo for a game entitled Dragon Quest: Monster Battle was posted and removed. Not much is known about it at the moment, but details will probably surface tomorrow.

Nothing else about the games have leaked out. Since Dragon Quest 10 debuted on Wii, it’s likely 11 will see release on the Wii U. More details will emerge during Square Enix’s livestream tomorrow at 5 p.m. JST (3 a.m. CST) which can be viewed on YouTube and NicoNico. Maybe we’ll get some elaboration on the recently announced Dragon Quest Builders as well.

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