In a Deus Ex stream, Square showed off the newest entry in the series, but also took the opportunity to announce some E3-level news. In addition to Mankind Divided, which is due later this year, Deus Ex will be getting a VR game and the Go treatment.

Deus Ex Go follows mobile hits like Hitman Go and Tomb Raider Go, adaptations of beloved franchises that are actually fun to play. The announcement trailer doesn’t reveal much, except that it sure does look like a Go game. Both Tomb Raider and Hitman Go had unique gameplay elements that fit their worlds, so hopefully Deus Ex can follow suit. Looks like we won’t be waiting long since that’s coming out this summer.

Then, they announced yet another Deus Ex game that almost seems like a no-brainer: Deus Ex VR. Called Deus Ex Breach, the game looks more like a combat puzzle game than a full extension of the real game. However, it has a Tron-like style, which is never a wrong choice. Nice to see yet another company committing to VR as well. The action and shooting seems more arcade style than the traditional Deus Ex style, which should fit virtual reality pretty well.

Finally, we saw a lengthy gameplay demo for Mankind Divided. This is certainly the kind of demo we’d see on a press conference stage, but since Square skipped out on that this year, this is what we get. The demo clocks in just under twenty minutes and shows off a lot of little gameplay details. The demo focuses on the many different ways you can approach and take on any situation. From stealth, to combat, to an invisible cloak, to taking the Prague subway, it seems like they’ve continued down the path of what made Deus Ex so popular.

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