Folks, now that Mike has left our hallowed grounds, we need at least thirty people to fill the hole he has left us.

But for real, we’re looking for new members, if you think you’d hang with the Choo Choo Crew, email me at with some writing samples. Previous games writing experience isn’t essential, but it’d be cool! Bringing a marginalized voice is also a plus, but we won’t turn someone away if they’re talented. I’m not 100% sure how many slots we’re going to need to be filled, but get those samples in just in case.

The one bad thing about this is right now we’re not paying. Lauren and I are still doing this without pay, but I’m going to be looking into options for ads/patreon VERY soon, so once compensation starts rolling in, we’ll be paying you. I promise.

Also, if you have interesting opinions on anime as well as the previously mentioned video game opinions, DEFINITELY get some writing in. I’ll have more to talk about later.

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