Please stop trying to compare the events currently taking place in Ferguson, Missouri to video games. It blows my mind that I’ve seen multiple publications post really crappy thinkpieces trying to relay the racist tragedy going down right this very minute as if it were a mission in friggin Watch_Dogs. I can think of two reasons why someone would write an article like that. They either want people to storm into the article angrily so they can get cheap heat/clicks, or the author thinks the general gaming community is too stupid to grasp that something bad is going on and the poor idiotic souls need to have news spoonfed to them.

Either way, I’m angry. What’s going on in Ferguson isn’t a game. It’s life and death, it’s years of oppression by the police finally boiling over. It’s the everyday fear of millions of black people all across the nation coming to light to those who have the privilege to ignore it. Instead of trying to talk about a shitty game today, if you really want to help Ferguson out, link to the legal fund set up for those being detained or the person trying to set up a  food drive made for children who haven’t been to school for a week. Lives are being threatened. Put down the controller for a minute and listen.

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