It used to be a sure bet we’d get Ace Attorney games in the US. Nowadays, we have to cross our fingers and hope Capcom decides we’re worthy enough to see the next chapter in the courtroom saga. Fans can rest a little bit easier, as the sixth mainline game will see release as Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice.

The game takes place in Khura’in, Maya’s homeland. Court cases are decided by a Divination Séance instead of a trail, and Phoenix must argue his clients out of a certain death penalty. The game will launch in September and will be digital only, much like the last game in the franchise.

This announcement does seem to seal the deal that we won’t be seeing an official release of the Great Ace Attorney spinoff. Make it two spin off games we’ll never see in the west. At least Ace Attorney Investigations 2 got a fan translation.

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