Halo: The Master Chief Collection had a TON of multiplayer issues. It still does as of this writing, with spotty connection in every game type. 343 and Microsoft want to make up for this, and they’re doing it in a surprising and honestly cool way.

If you own the game from launch to now, you get a month of free Xbox Live Gold, an exclusive nameplate, and an in-game avatar to denote that you’re a chump for buying a broken game at launch. But later on next year, 343 is releasing a remastered, 60 FPS/1080p version of Halo 3: ODST for free. The whole campaign! They’re also planning on releasing Halo 2’s Relic map for multiplayer. 343 has no plans to remaster Firefight, which is a bit of a (understandable) bummer. ODST’s freeness is exclusive to early adopters but Relic will be free for all.

I’d rather games not come out broken, but at least Microsoft’s TRYING to make good with their fans. Once the game is fixed 100%, the apologies can be accepted.

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