As the dust settles on E3’s major conference events, Midboss has been biding time and waiting to take their shot, and now’s the time for a sudden new reveal of a trailer that has got me really excited.

Something’s not right with Lexi, someone’s hacked into Tomcat, and if they hurt a hair on their heads I will find them and make them suffer! Read Only Memories: Neurodiver is titled as a “Read Only Memories Adventure” which does not seem to be directly related to the events of ROM2064. So I’m not sure if this will be a direct sequel, a continuation of the story, or a prequel of some kind. Either way, it looks like we will be playing as an esper named ES88 to solve a mystery of the minds hunting down a very vindictive telepath that goes by “The Golden Butterfly”. I’m definitely getting good vibes between Phoenix Wright and Nier: Automata watching this that have me excited to see what other hijinks are happening here.

As you may be aware, there were harassment allegations in March of 2018 at Midboss that resulted in the expulsion of parts of the team’s top leadership and we were worried that it would mean the end for the company. But I have been assured by Cade Peterson, current CEO of Midboss, that Matt Conn has not been working with Midboss in any capacity. Seeing this trailer has filled me with even more confidence that Midboss is in a healthy and productive place continuing to make more surprising and cool things. I hope hearing 2Mello’s new tracks in the trailer also fills you with that same joy.

Edit: not 2mello, solon’s tripping, obviously 2m isn’t gonna work with midboss anymore
Edit2: Matt Conn(?) is still a shareholder in midboss, which doesn’t negate what I was informed of, but may change how you feel about things since there are no easy answers here.

But where’s Turing?? Where is my baby blue friend?

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