Ubisoft dropped a Watch Dogs 2 reveal livestream on us, and in addition to a grown man unironically using the word “lulzy,” it’s full of details about the upcoming title. What’s most important is that the game is set for release on November 15th, and will have a playable demo at E3.

Most of the video included information about the game’s new protagonist and the new mechanics players will be seeing. The game will mostly take place in San Francisco with a character named Marcus Holloway, who is part of the hacker collective Deadsec. The stream makes a point that Marcus is apparently more athletic than the game’s previous protagonist, Aiden, which will allow players to perform advanced parkour and new combat abilities.

According to the stream, “everything” will be hackable in Watch Dogs 2, which includes every vehicle and every NPC. Marcus will also have new “toys,” like a small RC car which can interact with machinery, and a drone that can be used for scouting and fly-through-hoops minigames apparently. The stream also promises “guns that are built on a 3D printer” and something that looks like a billiard ball taped to a bungee cord.

Finally, Watch Dogs 2 will apparently include “seamless multiplayer,” which will allow single players to find each other in the world and initiate co-op. The whole game looks much more open and generally less grim than the first one, which is normally a good sign. Check out seven minutes of gameplay and commentary below via Eurogamer:

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