At the top of Square Enix’s E3 announcements this year, they blew our minds and souls with Final Fantasy VII. Tifa is real and she is all of us! Then they had the AUDACITY to follow that by announcing The Last Remnant has been ported to the Nintendo Switch. If you want to spend 80 hours doing vaguely nothing in a bloated system that never really worked, then be my guest. Rush Sykes’ fight to kiss his boyfriend’s Gae Bolg can now be in your hands on the Switch.

Look, I’ve been here, bright eyed and bushy tailed. And for ten hours it is great and interesting. But you have a choice. You have agency in this world. You can live life to the fullest… Or you can play The Last Remnant. It will get a 66 on Metacritic. Just like every iteration of the game previously has. If you need a weird JRPG from the Xbox 360, please go play Eternal Sonata. Shit man, why aren’t they remaking Eternal Sonata? Y’all… Eternal freakin Sonata.

If you need to know what you’re getting into, just watch my entire Let’s Play going through the game. It is much more fun and digestible as well as cuts out 50 hours of grinding that we did off screen.

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