We must say goodbye, au revoir, farewell, adieu to everyone’s favorite boy in blue. It’s Solon’s final podcast as a member of Gamesline. He joins John, Maverick and Scott for an extra jam packed episode getting deep in the weeds about what working on Gamesline has been all about.

The Blue Crew goes on like fools talking about Like A Dragon Gaiden, Super Mario RPG Remake (alongside Final Fantasy IV), Rhythm Doctor, Nintendo Indie World, Half-Life’s 25th anniversary, The Last Of Us 2 Remastered or The Last Of Us Part II Remarstered or whatever, Solon’s final meal, and a whole bunch of really fun behind the curtain navel gazing about not just Solon’s, but all of our time with Gamesline.

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Edited by Lorelai, Episode graphic by Cellobuster

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