So you may have noticed that Video Game Choo Choo has slowed down just a tad. Just a lil’. Just a smidge. Well, that’s because we’re hella busy preparing for E3. We really hope you enjoy the stuff we have planned. Even by our standards, it’s some ridiculous nonsense.

But we’ve also been occupied with this other neat thing. Some of you may remember my time with Nick Calandra and his Wonderful World of Websites, including Choo-Choo’s daddy: Velocity Gamer! Ever since we founded this haven for garbage, Nick’s been transforming his site Only Single Player into an independent powerhouse. And now he wants us to help out!

If Giant Bomb and GameSpot are The Avengers and Polygon is the Justice League and Giant Bomb is the Fantastic Four, Video Game Choo Choo and Only Single Player are the Wonder Twins. And my friend Will is Gleek, I guess?

This currently won’t affect the day-to-day at Video Game Choo Choo. John and I will be looking for help with news, mainly because we’ll be doing video work on both the upcoming Choo-Choo YouTube channel and the current Only Single Player YouTube channel. We’ve also got a new podcast coming, which you can help name right here! And don’t worry about us; this isn’t a straight buyout. It’s a team-up, with room to grow.

So, thanks for sticking with us so far! We hope this will bring even more great things to come!

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Mike Cosimano used to be in charge of this place, but now he isn’t! Now he’s on Destructoid.

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