It’s a good week to be a Nintendo fan. In addition to the slew of Pokemon 20th anniversary-related news and re-releases, a massive amount of rumored leaks have surfaced in regards to Nintendo’s upcoming console, the “NX Project.” The leaker, referred to as Geno, who previously correctly predicted Pokemon X and Y, as well as innumerable other gaming leaks, dropped the alleged details in an info dump for website Dual Pixels. To save you some time, here’s some of the more interesting rumored points:

  1. The device has a wireless HDMI dongle attached to its back, which can be plugged into any display with “normal-sized” HDMI output.
  2. It uses an advanced version of the Wii U streaming tech to display on TVs in HD.
  3. The analog movement controls have small motors for full haptic feedback. For example, if you’re running and hit a wall, the sticks will move away from the wall.
  4. Apparently it can Bluetooth sync with “everything,” which means you can receive texts and answer phone calls on the device.
  5. Its hardware specs are closest to the Xbox One, but it has a similar hardware layout as the Xbox One and the PS4, meaning games for those consoles can be ported over easily.
  6. Because of this, a 3rd party dev has stated “it’s the easiest device we’ve ever developed for,” which is why Nintendo sent out dev kits so late.
  7. Some of the social features of the device will take cues from Pokemon Go.
  8. Its operating system, named NintendOS, shares many features of modern mobile operating systems, and is apparently very similar to Android.
  9. The device will have a strong networking aspect, and is apparently very easy to use.


These rumors are exciting if true, and show a new direction Nintendo is taking with its consoles. Although we won’t know for sure how much is valid until the device is actually released, this particular leaker has a long history of accurate predictions about the gaming industry, so it could very well all be true. If that’s the case- what are you most excited for?

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