The space exploration game No Man’s Sky is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated releases for the forseeable future, even though no release date has been announced. However, rumor has it that we’ll know No Man’s Sky’s landing date pretty soon – as soon as October 27th.

A couple weeks back, No Man’s Sky appeared on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, albeit with no release date announcement. Generally though, promoting a game on a show like Late Night isn’t something developers unless the game is coming out relatively soon.

Not long after the Late Night appearance, twitter user @Tidux made a tweet that No Man’s Sky would be coming to this year’s Paris Games Week on October 28th with a release date and price. Tidux is also the user who accurately predicted the appearance of Fallout 4 at E3 and the release date of The Order: 1886. So, suffice to say, they have a strong track record.

Another source indicates that No Man’s Sky could have a surprise release on October 27th, due to the shipping date on Amazon preorders. However, it’s likely this is just a placeholder prior to the actual date announcement. It’s a hard sale to convince me that one of the most anticipated games this year will simply drop out of the sky when it’s rumored to be making an appearance at a conference one day later – especially since October 27th would be the same day as Halo 5.

All in all, the claim that No Man’s Sky will be at Paris Games Week is just a rumor, but it feels like a pretty convincing one. It would be a good time to announce the game’s release, especially after the recent appearance on Late Show. Whether that release date would be prior to the end of the year or not is anyone’s guess, but we’ll just have to wait until PGW in a couple weeks and see what happens.

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