We knew about New Danganronpa V3 from this year’s Tokyo Game Show, but after a press conference held today, we know a bit more.

There wasn’t a livestream from the event, so so far everything we’re learning is from translations of a Famitsu article. Said article claims that NDV3 will be based around “lying”, and some of the screenshots are supposedly showing characters getting called out on bluffs. This seems to be this game’s new gameplay addition. We also see some of the new characters. The protaginist seems to be the Cyborg Ninja-lookin’ guy, and the sidekick-lady is probably the rude woman who shushes.

Not only that, but a new anime has been confirmed.  No, it’s not the Danganronpa 2 anime we expected, but the canon ending to the “Hope’s Peak” storyline, titled “Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak“. The anime will focus on the survivors of the first game’s tragedy, and will somehow include the second game’s characters. Will this really tie up the loose ends? Will this tie into NDV3? Will anyone care by the time all these things come out? I know I will!

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