Mega Man is back. This summer Capcom is packaging Mega Man 1-6 together in one collection for digital download. Called The Mega Man Legacy Collection, it will be released on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for $14.99 this summer with a 3DS release slated later this year. The collection is being put together by the same team behind the Sega Genesis Collection, Digital Eclipse, and will feature the original games upgraded to HD (but still in the original 8-bit) along with more modern widgets like leaderboards, original artwork, replays, and a challenge mode.

In a blog post Capcom mentioned how re-releasing games in these collections is similar to the Criterion Collection, a movie restoration and preservation company that focuses solely on classic or important films. Maybe that’s just marketing spin, but long time fans of the industry know how poor publishers are at preserving their legacies. Having Capcom, a company not always known for making the best decisions, put their best foot forward with game preservation is heart warming.


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