We finish off with Square. We know some of what will be there but can Square really stand shoulder to shoulder with the big boys? Final Fantasy XV probably won’t show off too much more so are we stuck with an hour of Star Ocean 5 and Deus Ex? Square has the games but let’s see if they can really put on a show. Watch alongside us as we either see a five alarm fire, a boring presser, or hopefully some really good games.

*Everything is going to be in reverse order. The posts will get older as you scroll down the page.* 

-Finally over! Thanks for joining us for this and all our other live blogs. Keep checking Chooch for news, podcasts, and maybe videos from E3!

-Longest outro of the show.

-Giving the developers a nice curtain call. Square certainly seems to have their shit together. They usually don’t.

-Wrap up video of all the games they showed.

-Inviting everywhere back on stage.

-Looooong wrap up.

-2016 Global release.

-Project Setsuna

-Showing some art. Snow cover forest with a small character. Mountains with machinery in them. “Console RPG”.

-Announced a new RPG project from a new studio, called Tokyo RPG Factory.

-Final Fantasy Portal App. A phone app for FF lore? Coming this summer in English.

-Seems like it’s wrapping.

-Early 2016. PC, PS4, Xbox One.


-There’s gameplay. Looks really yellow and brown. Taking itself very seriously like usual.

-Some of this looks like leaked images we saw a month or so ago. Lots of CGI cut scenes in this trailer is seems.

-The augmented are treated as sub humans and being hunted/kills.

-In game trailer.

-New tools, new weapons, new enhancements. They aren’t selling this well. Just show gameplay please.

-Takes place two years after Human Revolution.

-Human Revolution team working on Mankind and using a new engine.

-Deus Ex: Mankind time.

-Coming in 2016.

-Trailer of people running through environments. Now fighting. Star Ocean is just a JRPG I guess.

-North American and Europe coming out on PS4.

-Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness. Weird name.

-Finally 10 minutes or so.

-I know nothing about Star Ocean. Like zero. I would have guessed it was an ocean game. Look for the trailer soon on our site.

-Star Ocean 5 trailer.

-More trailer montages for already released games.

-Dec. 8th, 2015.

-Sandbox stealth which is exactly what I want from a Hitman game. Some NPCs will notice you before others would. You can go in guns blazing or super stealthy.

-This looks more like stuff from in game, and more story info.

-Another trailer, seems like a different one from yesterday.

-You have limited time to do certain hits and assassinations. Sounds like you work together with others to take on missions. Calling it “creative stealth”.

Hitman. Dec 8th is the digital release. Sounds like online game. New locations, hits, and other content over time and based on feedback.

-They’re running out of time and still talking about World of FF. Deus Ex to close us out?

-More info on World of Final Fantasy which we saw at Sony.

-“Now in development”. Thanks Square.

-The Disney style animations and attacks look great. The crazy anime story line…maybe not…

-Showing some crazy moves and weapons. A neon train flying into a huge enemy. A pirate shit plowing through enemies.

-Art style and colors really pop. Some light platforming and super action style gameplay.

KH3 coming to Xbox One and Ps4.

-Finally, yes, Kingdom Hearts 3. Showing gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key coming to Japan and North America. The first KH for smart phones. Story links into KH3.

-Still an RPG but I wonder if this is meant to hold you over until KH3 comes out? Hopefully we get more info in a second…

-This is a mobile Kingdom Hearts game. Different but cute art style.

-Ok, now onto Kingdom Hearts 3.

-Nope, they didn’t pipe in the translation and for some reason are showing the FF7 remake trailer. But that was totally a Kingdom Hearts developer.

Kingdom Hearts 3.

-Heavensward, FF14 DLC. Life Is Strange. Dragon Quest Heroes. All got quick little trailers.

-Called Lara Croft Go.

-After the success of Hitman Go they’re making Tomb Raider Go. Go is now their term for that mobile type of gameplay.

-This is an old school E3 conference. Reminds me of the stuff from the mid-2000s. Talking about every part of the company.

-Mobile games talk. Ehhhhhhhh no thanks.

-“Tombs back into Tomb Raider”. Thank god.

-Showing some behind the scenes stuff, developer stuff. Nothing news worthy.

-Square’s stream is messing up a bit for me. Crystal Dynamics on stage to talk more about Tomb Raider.

-Tomb Raider time. Probably won’t show anything new. Trailer looks like a shorter one from Microsoft.

Nier will be an action title. They aren’t really talking much about it. It’s very early on so it’s kinda strange they even announced. Almost like Square needed to fill an hour of time.

-This is something this developer does a lot. He doesn’t like showing his face in public I guess.

-Nier New Project is definitely a temp title. This dude on stage is wearing a moon mask with a creepy smile. No thank you.

-A Nier game? Lady holding a sword. More info coming Fall 2015. Niew new project.

-Looks very Japanese, great art. I assume this will all be art because this is so early on. Looks like just after the end of the world, Tokyo Jungle style.

-Another Platinum Games joint.

-New title, still early in development.

-Unlimited C4!

-Tying helicopters together and blowing shit up. Yes please.

-You’re fighting for a rebellion again. Looks great.

-Dec. 1st, 2015 on current gen consoles. Nice.

-Wingsuit stabilizes the parachute. Meaning you can fly, just let us fly.

-Avalanche Studios coming to the stage for more Just Cause 3 info.

-Promises longer and stronger ” support post release. Just Cause 3 coming “later this year”.

-Just showed a quick trailer and now they’re talking about the company overall.

-You have a wing suit. Sorry Just Cause 3, not 4.

-Just Cause 4! Looks great and people who have played say it’s great

-Starting up!

-5 minutes! Will they mention that FF7 remake? Will Hitman have gameplay?

-Quick switch from Nintendo to Square! We don’t expect a lot of FF 15 so what else will they have?

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