EA is second in this all day marathon. Last year’s conference was wall to wall concept footage and developers excited about games they could barely show off. The big ending was a Battlefield Hardline beta that barely moved the needle on my internal hype meter. This year should be better with Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst both releasing this year. Mass Effect 4 and Need for Speed should both show up but how much is still up in the air. Stay on this page and update every few minutes for live news from the conference.

*Everything is going to be in reverse order. The posts will get older as you scroll down the page.*

-That’s it for the show.

-Looked pretty great. Nov. 17th this year.

-Mobile shield generators. Laser shotguns. Darth Vader shows up to kick some ass. Luke Skywalker gameplay. Forcing pushing stormtroopers.

-I see a lot of trenches, the shield generator. Cockpit view inside the TIE fighter. Looks fast and kinda intense.

-Flying in a Snow Speeder now, all in the same battle. Can’t tell exactly how large the map is. Big enough to fly around in. Totally used a tow cable to take down an AT-AT.

-Different weapons, rocket launchers, ect. Finally showing some perspective from controlling the AT-AT. Multiple vehicle cameras, nothing inside the ship.

-Looks like capture point mode. The Empire is capturing rebel “uplinks”. Some of this is in 3rd person.

-Battle of Hoth being shown. Looks pretty scripted but sounds and looks like Star Wars. TIE fighters flying by, running along side AT-ATs.

-Gameplay captured from multiplayer on a PS4.

-This is a lot of art, not a lot of video.

-Heroes and piloting is back. You can use the force as a hero. There are single player missions.

-Showing art and items in the game. Stalling until gameplay I assume. 40 – 8 player modes.

-DICE lady on stage. No way I’m attempting to spell her name. Talking about how special Star Wars is to her.

-Hinting at VR for Battlefront eventually. This seems like a big lead up from Peter Moore.

-Star Wars time

-Passing has been overhauled. They say this every…single…year. Redoing something that “everyone” hates but it always feel exactly the same.

-I don’t want to look a fake football cards in a video game where I could play football. Let alone see it on the EA stage. I guess someone loves this I just don’t know who.

-Talking about how fantasy football will fit into Madden 16. I guess they have to cash in on fantasy football somehow.

-Madden 16 showing off the Patriots. Talking about how teams draft to build great teams. ESPN dude on stage.

-Back to sports? Madden time?

-There’s a free running dude with Faith. The game looks beautiful. Even showed it at night.

-Playable at E3. Here’s the trailer. Feb. 23rd, 2016.

-This looks like gameplay. She said Faith “doesn’t need any guns”. World looks bigger, no levels, no loading screens, free roaming. Open world?

-It’s the origin story of Faith. From a kid to an adult.

-Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst time.

-And now a trailer for FIFA. It’s a popular game for sure so that’s why they’re giving it SO MUCH TIME.

-Finally they mentioned the actual video game. Wow that took awhile. Promising tons of “innovations”.

-They just have Pele and an EA dude on stage, talking about Pele’s career. Did I change the stream? Is this still about videos game? I respect Pele tons but…video games…

-He’s telling stories about when he came to America to play soccer.

-Pele is on stage for FIFA. No details about the actual game.

-Back to sport. FIFA time. Not much time left according to their constant countdown to Battlefront. Mirror’s Edge might not get much time.

-Minions gameplay. Nothing like gameplay of a mobile title. Jeez EA. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

-More mobile. This is has the Minions franchise. I’ll take a swig of my drink.

-Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, a CCG mobile game. Wasn’t there already a Star Wars card game on mobile?

-“Let’s talk about mobile”…let’s not…

-I’m more curious about NHL. NBA has decent entries in the past few years. Or a big change to Madden would be nice.

-NBA Live trailer. Yawn.

-Sep. 29th for NBA Live 16

-Using your phone Hoop God can scan his face into the game.

-Community manager named…HOOP GOD.

-PGA Tour now, more ridiculous settings. EA Ultimate teams in more games. More tutorial and modes to help you play better.

-I’d like to see a fully current generation set of sports games but they haven’t really done that yet. Here’s hoping this is the year EA focuses just on next gen.

-SPORTS. Hockey time.

-Spring 2016. Free content updates to Garden Warfare.

-35 minutes until Battlefront. Hopefully it’s not all Garden Warfare. They still have to do sports, Mirror’s Edge, ect.

-Still talking about this. Still. Talking. About. This. Single player is coming.

-New modes, new classes, but eh. More of Garden Warfare so if you’re into that kind of thing this is for you.

-I liked the first Garden Warfare, and I would like to play this sequel, but I don’t care. They’re doing live gameplay.

-Plants vs Zombies: Gardwn Warfare 2.

-Now Danger Zone is playing. Sure.

-This is absolutely charming.

-Now we’re seeing some gameplay. It’s very indie but looks great. Running away from chipmunks, climbing plants, trudging through snow.

-You use the yarn to crate platforms and bridges to solve physics puzzles.

-HE HAS A TOY YARN CAT. He’s so nervous but he made this himself. This is adorable. I wanna hug this developer.

-It’s a puzzle platformer. You unravel as you move and the yarn represents love?

-New IP. “Emotional” and “deeply creative”. Called Unravel. Stars a yarn cat.

-Yep, Old Republic trailers still look the best. I tried to get back into SWTOR but it didn’t save my progress so I just gave up on it.

-It’s free for subscribers. Called Knights of the Fallen Empire.

-Oct. 27th, 2015 has a new story coming to the game.

-Old Republic time. Guess what that game is still out, still getting DLC, and still free to play. They’ll have more new stuff.

-This is a ‘drift attack’ mode while cops are chasing you. You earn experience and level up. Lots of back “bro” and “dog” in this.

-Now they’re driving. Looks great. Motion blur, in world UI, great lighting.

-Showing a guy move around the car and freely customize it. Seems alright.

-Nov. 3rd…this year? Yep, FMV. Real people, in video. PFFFFFT

-They just had an “up next” and “up later” logo at the bottom. 50 minutes until Battlefront. Thanks EA?

-You can tune, personalize handling, and add aftermarket parts. Will have an “action packed” story.

-They’re calling it the definitive edition of NFS. Twice the size of Rivals and is entirely at night.

-Just called Need For Speed, no subtitle.

-Might have real FMV and use real drivers, not actors. Drifting, cops, neon.

-Need for Speed!

-Battlefront is the grand finale. So we know what ends the conference.

-Promises new IPs, sports stuff, Mirror’s Edge, ect.

-Comes out Holiday 2016. Sounds about right.

-This is totally Mass Effect. Desert planet. Called Mass Effect Andromeda.

-Wild west music. Showing a bunch of environmental art. Looks like Mass Effect.

-Chances this opens with a gaming montage? That would make it 3 for 3 with conferences opening with montages. Keep that train rolling!

-5 minutes!

-New game will be at EA. Don’t know what it is yet.

-15 minutes to go.

-Any chance we see other Star Wars stuff? Or is it an all out blitz on Battlefront?

-30 minutes until EA.

-Niall is way too excited for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Hoping we get to see gameplay and a release date during this conference.

-I want to see lots of Battlefront. I loved the first two games and seeing what DICE can bring to the Star Wars universe is exciting.

-Prepping for EA. I ate steak and cheese taquitos for lunch.

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