Day 0 begins! If you want to know the juicy details of the Bethesda press conference as it happens then this is where you want to be. All you have to do is refresh this page every few minutes and it will be updated with the magic. How much of Fallout 4, Doom 4, and Dishonored 2 will we see? Will Fallout be a 2015 release or will we be forced to wait? This is the page will be updated as it happens on Sunday, June 14th, 7pm PT, 10pm ET.

*Everything is going to be in reverse order. The posts will get older as you scroll down the page.*

-I’ll be updating this page with trailers or you can pop over to our news section where we have it all broken out by game.

-That’s it. Show’s over. Thanks and see you at Microsoft tomorrow morning!

-Oh, toys. The crowd just had their biggest pop over stupid amiibo looking toys they’re handing out.

-Almost done. They’re doing a “one more thing”.

-Dreams do come true.

-November 10, 2015. HYPE

-If you throw a flare a helicopter, whatever they’re called, will pick you up and you ride shotgun.

-Combat has been updated. Combat montage now showing all kinds of outfits (including masks and dresses) and shooting does seem better when not in VATS.

-Armor is also customizable.

-Guns with saw blades. Scopes on pistols. Build whatever dumb or amazing guns you want to.

-Just like previous Fallouts you’ll need enough Science and other stats to make certain gun mods.

-You can craft other stuff. More Minecraft built ins. You need to collect specific items and follow a recipe. All items have a purpose and can build into something.

-It’s all optional. There are multiple sites to build on.

-Power lines can connect to turrets and defenses because your settlement will get attacked. You can have a terminal to adjust it all.

-Welcome mats, dog houses, chairs, stores. It’s a settlement and other people arrive. You have to have power, water, food. It’s Minecraft basically, in Fallout.

-You can rebuild. You scrap items in the world, in game, and rebuild how you’d like. It’s all in real time.

-Back to Fallout 4.

-Ok after the conference. Apple only I believe.

-It’s out now! Tonight! This moment!

-It’s free. No timers, no internet required. There is purchasable boxes to earn random items but that’s it.

-This is very complicated and not something they slapped together on the side. This is deeply designed. It’s called Fallout Shelter.

-You gather resources (food,water, power), send dwellers out on missions, you can train stats, build a variety of rooms.

-Vault sim! You gives orders and manage your own vault. Leveling, stats, items, outfits, weapons.

-No way they’re moving onto this and just leaving Fallout 4 right?

-New game for smart phone and tablets.

-2nd screen experience? Howard says he hates 2nd screen stuff but this one is actually good. It looks like a real live PipBoy showing off your stats. It even has a touch screen. Works even with a smart phone/tablet.

-A real PipBoy comes with the collectors edition. Your phone fits into and of course, there’s an app for it.

-New PipBoy. Items rotate. Layered armor. Mini games.

-A series of outdoor, and some indoor, environments. Confirmed to be in Boston.

-VATS is back, it doesn’t look like it freezes everything. Slow-mo bullet kills. Some extra meter on the bottom, crit meter?

-You found a dog. You can give it commands and send him places and make him grab/retrieve items.

-Dialogue is dynamic. It can be 1st or 3rd person.

-The world looks incredible. New engine and some technical stuff which I assume means better. This is gameplay but it’s edited together.

-“You” survive and 200 years later you survive the Vault. I bet you play as the baby the mom and dad save in the Vault.

-The bombs are dropping. You’re rushing to the Vault and BOOM.

-Character generator looks the same. Add points to special stats. About 1000 names are precorded so if you have a common name it’ll say it.

-Nuka-Cola is the fridge. Sugar Bombs on the breakfast table. You are voiced. Dialogue scenes are in 3rd person.

-Male or female. They’re voiced and entirely dynamic.

-This looks like gameplay. You create your character by Mario 64ing your face. Pull your nose, a bigger nose. Add facial hair on the fly.

-The game starts before the bombs fall. Before the…well…fallout.

-It’s all concept art. No clue what’s in the game and what was just someone’s crazy idea early in development.

-It’s detailed. Lots of art. Every button on every panel. There’s that dog again!

-He says he’s going to show us a lot. 2015? 2016?

-He’s taking a long time just to talk about Fallout 4. About E3, Bethesda, blah blah blah.

Fallout 4, prepare yourselves. Todd Howard is on stage.

-Oh hahahahahah they jokingly “ended” the show before Fallout. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

-No gameplay. It’s free to play and on PC/iPad. Coming later this year.

Elder Scrolls Legends. A strategy card game. Here’s a trailer.

-Pete Hines is back, hanging out, sitting down. He’s talking about strategy card games.

-Nope they aren’t they. They mention they’re adding content and features and are showing a trailer. I guess they’re just waiting to show Fallout 4 all at the end?

Elder Scrolls Online time. Excuse while I struggle to stay awake.

Dishonored Definitive Edition 🙁

-No release date. Will be out for PC, Xbox One, and Ps4.

-You can play as either a guy or a girl. They’re each unique and have their own weapons/gadgets.

-She’s chasing after a target. Turning into smoke while he pulls switches to move walls. They tease another character picking up a mask but I don’t recognize him. It’s been awhile.

-Wait what? You enter a room and some machinery just changes everything. Robots everywhere. Possibly a female protagonist?

-It’s a CGI trailer. Maybe showing what gameplay is supposed to be. Lots of movement and stealth.

Dishonored 2 trailer.

-Talking about Dishonored 1…just say it already!

-Arkane Studios is up now. This is literally what their accidental stream revealed.

-It’s a combination of melee and fun combat. Hard to get excited about a free to play game, even one made by Bethesda. The art seems alright but showing off alpha or beta footage isn’t really winning anyone over.

Battlecry is up next. It’s their free to play game. It’s in alpha and will be going into beta and you can sign up now. Yawn.

-Huge demon! Trailer/gameplay cuts just as you’re about to fight him. Doom 4 is coming spring 2016.

-Rocket launcher! Looks…like a rocket launcher. The entire thing sounds sparse. Music is barely there.

-You have a weapon wheel but we’re just seeing a lot of shotgun. Where is my BFG and Rockets?

-More single player, this time we’re going to Hell. It sure looks like Hell.

-It’s an in-game map creator, similar to forge in Halo games. You can edit item placement and some game logic.

-Regardless of platform you can build and share custom modes it seems? Or maybe just videos of them? It’s apart of Doom Snapmap.

-Video of multiplayer. It’s arena based with plenty of weapons and you can change into demons with an pickup.

-End of demo as a demon jumps on the player, rips his arm off, and beats him with it. That was some pretty Doom ass Doom. On to multiplayer.

-Chainsaw! Ripping demons in half. The animation is seemingly repeating if you kill the same enemy type with it.

-Ripped off a corpse’s arm and used it on a palm reader. That was kind of gross but I guess that’s what you want in a Doom 4?

-We’re getting to see a few guns here. Plasma rifle was up for a second but the shotgun is the real star so far. This looks really good but the speed seems lacking.

-Double barrel shotgun.Items pouring out of enemies. Enemies seem to flash right before you can rush in and perform a brutal melee takedown.

-That dude just ripped that demons heart out and ripped another demons leg off them beat him with it. Doom is alright in my book.

-Here’s a video. Looks great but can’t tell if this is really gameplay or a scripted demo.

Doom 4 starts us off!

-Pete Hines is out on stage. Giving his intro and explaining how excited he is to have Bethesda there for their first press conference.

-Montage video! I see Doom, Dishonored, Fallout, Battlecry, and more.

-We’ve begun! It’s developers talking about games they like. Exciting stuff…

-Late start I guess…

-5 minutes! Grab a snack, a beverage, and a comfy seat.

-Less than 15 minutes!

Fallout music on the Bethesda stream before it all starts. I wonder if they’ll start with Fallout 4 gameplay, that would get me pretty hype!

-Nintendo is done now onto Bethesda in earnest!

-Will we see more Fallout 4? Personally I’m expecting lots of gameplay and desperately hoping for a 2015 release date.

-I’ll try and embed trailers/images of stuff if and when I can get them. No promises!

-We’re all ready for Bethesda to begin by watching the end of the Nintendo World Championships. Super Mario Maker looks pretty dope.

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