Guys, I know you wanna know more about Danganronpa. Trust me, even though I know a bit about it, I want to sink my teeth into that game more than anything right now. Alas, it’s not out yet. But NIS was kind enough to send me some screenshots to post here, in hopes that I’ll post them here and you guys will be satiated as well. They’re lucky I’m trustworthy.


Did you finish Ace Attorney 5, look at your Vita, and sigh “Why not on there?” Well your wish has been granted. You obviously have summoned a genie and have two more wishes. Wish for cash!


The characters you encounter in Danganronpa are weirdos. But that’s what makes them great. Each person is given an “ultimate” ranking, since they’re the best at what they do. Pictured is Leon Kuwata, the Ultimate Baseball Star. There are also a fortune teller, a programmer, and a fanfiction author. 


Monokuma is easily the standout character in this game. He’s murderous, suave, and adorable. Someone make me a plush of him.


Wow, how’d you know Junk-I mean what

Danganronpa will be released for PS Vita Feburary 11th. And yeah, I’m reviewing it.

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